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 Name:  Unknown!
 Country:  New York, USA
 Date:  18 September 2001


   The following "Message of Frustration" was forwarded to us by a friend of this site who does not know its writer. We received hundreds of such mail throughout last week, since the horrible tragedy in New York and Washington on September 11.

However, this message, despite the numerous misspellings, transmits a lot of frustration that Arab Americans are now feeling. Frustration for being singled out and discriminated against solely for being "Arabs" and/or "Muslims". Frustration from the implicit and explicit propaganda of the American media, especially the CNN, waged against them collectively and against their originating countries only for one reason: They are all enemies of Israel.

But would anyone stops and asks "Why all these people are so antagonist toward Israel?" Unfortunately, as long as all channels of news and media in the U.S. are almost completely controlled by "friends" of the Jewish State, American people will not have a chance to form objective opinions regarding the problem of the Middle East: Israel!

We certainly hope that out of these terrible days, something good might arise: better understanding and less blind bias.


From New York ,

All the pple on the road are hating arabs now....they are looking at me(a lebanese in NY) as if they want to kill me ....or better to say , as if i killed them and they wanna take their revenge !

Why are they now looking at me like this ? why are they now "touched" by what we call terrorism ?

Werent they feeling with Lebanon and Palestine when the children were dying and are still dying by the american weapons and isralian soldiers ????????

and who said that it is the arabs that did it(the hijack of the 4 airplanes)? 

where are their proves ? isnt it unjust and unfair to look at me this way before even proving that im from the same nation of the guilty pple ?

and in case it is really Oussama Bin Laden , who said that arabs were supporting this act ?

cant they open their ears and listen what allllllllllllllllll the arab leaders , religious and politicians are saying ??????

why are they blind ?

why are they limited by something called CNN ?

cant they think wisely and know that CNN is directed by jewish ! and that CNN will never ever work objectively ?

and about the very little numbers of palestinian that were celebrating the death of innocent americans ......cant they try to analyse it ? cant they ask themselves :" how can a humanbeing be happy when others are die ? " 

when they will ask themselves this Q , they will find that the answer is :" these numbers of pple might surely have a hidden reason .....a hidden frustration against something related to those dead pple 

" ....when they will go farer in their thoughts , they will find that those palestinians are frustrated by the international policy of the country of the dead pple !....the international policy of the USA toward the conflict in the middle east .... a US policy that is letting all a population suffering .......a palestinian children that saw his brother dying by the american missiles .......a iraqian mother that saw her child dying because of the american air-attacks ! ...a palestinian father that cannot go to work , and that is seeing his family crying beforer DYING cuz they dont have what to eat or drink !

a palestinian refugee that is seeing every person on this world having a "nation" a "land" a "soil" a "flag" a "HONOR" and seeing his honor being stolen by some "racists"(as declared by the international conference against the racism last week) and supported by the USA !!!!!

what can a tongue say ! ....what can a mind think !....we are living in a tragic period , but the most tragic is the ignorance!...the ignorance of everyone to every other one ! ......the ignorance that will let terrorism taking multiple ways !.....a terrorism of nations , a terrorism of militants , a terrorism of groups !

 ...finally , its a terrorism against a terrorism ! .....and until we decide which side was the beginner , and we decide to cut the roots of this "beginning" , nothing will be able to solve what the CNN is calling the "terrorism" of the latest hours/days ! ....

i will continue by defending the lebanese resistance of "hizbollah" that are being called "terrorist" by the CNN and the american governement ......

i think that as a lebanese , i can allow myself to say to the whole world that it is "unacceptable" to define the resistance of hizbollah in southern lebanon as an act of terror ! .....we , lebanese , pple and governement , supported this resistance , and were proud of it ...we beleived in the martyrdom of the great fighters of hizbollah that fighted in the regard of every lebanese , and that could accomplish their mission with a perfection and a modesty and a morality and humanism and faith that noone could expect or even dream of ; and that noone should allow himself or even dare to offend ! ...hizbollah fighted the israelian SOLDIERS that were OCCUPYING the LEBANESE soil (and are still in shebaa farms)....

So , before using the word "terrorism" and deciding to fight and attack terrorists , we should emphasize on the fact that the definition of a "terrorist" should be very well made , with a lot of care and justice and fairness toward every nation and race and person !

and hey ! ...the judge cannot be a "side" , the USA shouldnt try to use her VETO or the fact that it is the only super-power of our days .... the critical matter of terrorism is a "humanistic" matter , where using the "influencial power" shouldnt be allowed , and where the ethics should be very well respected .......

can we still beleive in a morality in our 21srt century ?

lets hope that yes , and lets all say that we are all for the fight of the terrorism !

signed : A Lebanese fighting terrorism.





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