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 Name: Nidal Baydoun
 Country: Sydney, Australia
 Date: 2 January 2002

Back from Bint Jbeil !

   I just came back to sydney after 5 weeks spent in our beloved city Bent Jbeil. This was my first visit since 1990.

To describe BJ, I would say it is like a beautiful 3arous in the day of her wedding but no one is ready to celebrate and no one has the willing to make the ceremony happen in its best conditions.

Freedom, Houses construction, Beloved and charming faces and hands and ease of transport.

With that you can notice some sickness among the habitants.

Some people are still expressing themselves with negative family pride. Some are missing the time of occupation!, Some others are comparing resistance to SLA and things like that.

What hurts in the story is that some villages and cities with BJ among them are forgotten by the government??? You should belong to a group or raise a particular flag over your house in order to have the water or electricity in your house. You could loose these services if you are raising a flag with another color !?!?!

Bent Jbeil is devided today about the place where the new SARAY (government offices building) should be built. each of BAYDOUN and BAZZI families want it built in his neighbourhood (The biggest stupidity of the 21st century).

We sons of Bent Jbeil pretend we love our city, but we are killing it.

"Wa Mina Al Hobbi Ma Katal", We are applying the story of 2 blind people who got a normal son and finished by making of him a third blind person. 
May Allah protect Bent Jbeil from its habitants ...

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