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 Name: Nidal Baydoun
 Country: Sydney, Australia
 Date: 4 January 2002

Love Bint Jbeil !

   2 years ago, our city became free of the occupation after about 20 years of suffering. By crossing 25/May/2000 Bint Jbeil had left the status of humiliation to join another one of pride. 

Each of the situations has its positive and negative aspects. We do prefer the current situation because it was created with the effort, the sacrifices and the blood of our heroes and because we are free now.

Today, we have Bint jbeil in hands. We have it as it is, sick, poor and full of needs. We don't want it to become as it was, simply because we havenít seen it or because we were too young to remember. We want it as we dream of it, a brilliant place where people can live easily and peacefully, a place where we could plan to go and spend the rest of our days.

The mission is too big and the work is to be done in several levels, in several steps and certainly by every single man, woman, old, young and child from Bint Jbeil.

We respect all the people who worked and are working for Bint Jbeil, but we do not need to create new leaders. Our nation has got too many leaders and that is more than enough. What we need today are workers, simple people who work quietly and without noise. We need people to work for Bint jbeil without expecting pride and seats.

"Man 3amila Lildonya hasala 3alayha Wa Man 3amila Lilakhira Hasala 3alayha", In the same way working for Bint jbeil will be advantageous for it, and working for leaders will result in creating some while most of our problems are caused by our "presumed leaders".

"Inna Allah La Youghayer Ma Bekawm Hata You ghayirou Ma BeAnfosihem", let's start by changing ourselves. Letís look deep in our hearts for the love we have for Bint Jbeil and then feed it and make it grow.

You are a student; plan to learn things that you can teach to BJ sons, 
You are a teacher; why don't you go and establish a school or teach in BJ, 
You are a taxi driver; spare some money and establish a job in BJ, 
You are a house woman; teach your children how to love BJ, 
You have a brain; think and plan for BJ, 
You have hands; work for and in BJ, 
You have a heart; love BJ 

BJ is not a simple name, it is not a simple piece of land ... 

Bint Jbeil is the place where we were born, where we have seen life, where we grew up, where we should live and where we must go when we die.

With the help of the Most Powerful we got back to it. Let's work all together to deserve it, to remain in it and to beat whoever tries to use it!!!



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