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 Name: Nidal Baydoun
 Country: Sydney, Australia
 Date: 22 January 2002

On The Visit of Bint Jbeilís Vice Mayor to Australia


Mr M.N. Bazzi

   Mr Mohamed Najib Bazzi, the vice-mayor of BINTJBEIL Council, is currently in an official visit to Sydney, Australia.

He arrived on the 20th of December and will be leaving on the 27th of January. I have had the pleasure of talking to him about his visit and its goals.

A co-operation of a sistership project was established last year between Rockdale, where most of bintjbeilis live, and Bint Jbeil during a visit to Lebanon by the mayor and a delegation from Rockdale council. Mr Bazzi is with us today in order to return the visit and to follow up on the projects that were started a few months ago.

We should mention that Mr Bazzi has known Sydney for more than 30 years. It is the place where he had his studies and where until recent date has been having his business and family home.

Mr Bazzi, was welcomed by all the community members of Lebanese and Australian officials and local MPís and other Sydney councils and religious leaders and members of the press has got the chance to meet with him and discuss BJ and Lebanese southern villages situation.

The purpose of the visit is presented as follows:

∑ Consolidating the friendship with Rockdale Council and learning from its experiences in administration. Rockdaleís mayor is Mr Shawkat Al Messlmani, originally from Kawnine (southern Lebanon)
∑ Sending an Australian engineers to BJ in order to prepare a complete study about the infrastructure in our city and the surrounding villages. BJ council intends to submit this study to various organizations for completion.
∑ Al Ghadir association in Lebanon had offered a piece of land where BJ council plans to create a public garden. Rockdale council will draw the plans for construction.

Regarding BJ council and its activities for the last 4 months, Mr Bazzi said:

- The council was elected on the 9th of Sep/ 2001 and started working on the 14th of Oct 2001.
- The main office is located in the second floor of Charara center.
- The council is composed of 21 members, 5 of them are engineers.
- According to Mr Bazzi, all the members are working together to achieve the best for the city.
- The council is in the process of lighting up the city. It is also planning to work on the following projects:

  • A garbage treatment plant will be built with the help of the YMCA between Yaroun, Ain Ebel and Bent Jbeil

  • New Abattoir building (Maslakh)

  • Government offices Building (AL SARAY)

  • Telephone network construction

  • Streets and footpath reconstruction

  • Trees planting and city decoration

  • Bringing official offices to BJ, such as General Security Administration, Finance Office, and Social Security (In an independent initiative from the SARAY project).

Mr Bazzi had expressed his support and admiration for Bint Jbeil website, especially for being the link between our city and its sons and daughters around the world. The council will be providing the website with any information concerning Bint Jbeil and the projects of the council SOON.

The council will be directly contactable via the following email address:

To view pictures covering Mr. Bazzi's trip to Australia, please Click Here


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