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 Name: Anthony J. Geha Yuja
 Country: Florence, Italy
 Date: Saturday, 16 February 2002

Re "Tougher love for Israel"

A letter sent to the Christian Science Monitor re George Moffett's opinion – “Tougher love for Israel”


I was pleasantly surprised to read Mr. Moffett's opinion in which he has the courage and decency to question the wisdom of President Bush’s unconditional support for Sharon in spite of his escalating war and terror tactics against Palestinians in the occupied territories. 

How can Bush continue to ignore and therefore tacitly approve of Sharon’s terror tactics against entire populations in the occupied territories including the killing and wounding of unarmed civilians, children, policemen and even paramedical staff etc.. as well as the demolition of hundreds of homes and the deliberate destruction of vital civilian infrastructure like airports, seaports some of which financed by the US or the European Community etc.... ?

The tragedy of the Palestinians, as brave and rigorous historians or journalists like Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Michael Adams, Robert Fisk, Charley Reese, Gideon Levy etc.. have demonstrated in their writings, is that at Oslo Arafat, under American pressure, had no choice but to surrender to Israeli demands: he foolishly agreed for Israel to have 78% of British mandate Palestine in return for his people having the right to create a Palestinian state on the remaining 22%. 

But instead of Israel honoring its part of the "deal" and eventually evacuating the West Bank and Gaza i.e. those 22% under occupation, the Palestinian people were confronted with a constant expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on their own land in the last 9 years whilst Israel and the US Government continued to blame Arafat for not doing enough to ensure the security of the settlers (old and new) i.e. of the occupation itself!!

To add insult to injury, the Palestinians also found themselves living under a more brutal suffocating and often criminal Israeli occupation, condemned by numerous UN resolutions, human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and by European Parliamentary representatives etc.. because of the number and frequency of human rights abuses and war crimes committed by Israel. 

In the last 16 months alone Israel's military machine of US supplied F16, Apache helicopters has caused the death of over 1000 Palestinians and more than 12000 wounded producing more resentment and utter despair amongst its victims. 

Israel has unfortunately suffered its own innocent victims too but in a proportion of 1 Israeli for every 4 Palestinians.

A more balanced coverage of this conflict by an influential paper like yours would be a welcome development since most of the mainstream US media is dominated by a blatantly pro-Israeli lobby that will go to any length to distort history and facts Hollywood style in favor of a deceitful or very partial version of what is really happening in the occupied territories. 

Hardly any visibility is given to Israel's occupation and apartheid policies and all the focus is on terrorism, but of one side only. The Palestinians resisting occupation are the aggressors and the Israeli occupiers are the victims whilst Sharon is cosmetically described as a hawk when he is a recidivist war criminal awaiting judgment in the Belgian courts for worse crimes than those of Milosevic: 2000 Lebanese and Palestinian civilians massacred at Sabra and Chatila during Israel's invasion and practical destruction of Lebanon once a beautiful, peaceful and prosperous country. (BBC The accused)

How can we have a genuine and lasting peace in the Middle East as long as this cruel occupation, with Sharon's ever escalating state terror, occasionally also against Lebanon, and daily victims on both sides is allowed by the US government to continue?

President Bush insults the intelligence of any decent knowledgeable person by constantly blaming the Palestinian victims (the oppressed) and condoning or never censoring their Israeli aggressors (yesterday's oppressed under the Nazis, turned oppressors today). 

The US sponsored "Peace Process" is increasingly seen in Europe as a cynical disgusting masquerade under which the US still pretends to be an honest broker whilst rejecting any sensible compromise that would at last free the Palestinians from Israel's deadly and humiliating occupation and provide them with an independent state on their own land living in peace with Israel. 

Is there no hope at all that this American New World Order initiated by Bush Sr. and now expanded by his son will have a minimum of morality and coherence for the sake of a better and more secure world for us all?

We can only pray and hope (against any hope so far) that the voices of reason, fairness and justice, once great American values, will eventually prevail in this bloody conflict, whose indirect innocent victims were also American last September.

A just and peaceful solution, based on a 2 state formula, would lead to cooperation and better lives for all the people of the region after all the suffering of the last 40 years and would provide a significant stimulus to the depressed economies of the US and Europe. 


Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja


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