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Hayan Charara


Dearborn, U.S.A.


Sunday, 21 April 2002

A Letter to the President

Mr. President,

Bethlehem burning!

Holding Terrorists at Checkpoints !

Identifying bodies

Brutally beating civilians

Rolling tanks into towns and refugee camps

   Before you continue to refer to Ariel Sharon as a "man of peace" and to the Israeli government as a "democracy", please look at these photos. Men of peace and democracies do not bomb places of worship. They do not kill innocent human beings. They do not order their bullies to beat people. They do not roll dozens of tanks through villages. They do not keep dying and sick people stuck at checkpoints for hours on end.

You are insulting the world and all decent people with your use of these terms. If you feel that you must side with Israel, go ahead (you haven't done otherwise anyhow), but PLEASE do not take the entirety of this country to be idiotic and gullible.

You are a disgrace to morality and ethics. History will judge you as a leader who cowered to state terrorism and who stood idly by as the slow and excruciating genocide of a people took place. You are also a disgrace to the elected office you hold. Your predecessor may have soiled the Oval Office with his libido, but you have dirtied what this country stands for with your rhetoric.

Worst of all, you have disgraced yourself. I remember a comment you made during your candidacy for President, about the most influential political leader in your life. Your answer was "Jesus Christ." Ironic, isn't it, that the man you now support is destroying the birthplace of Christ? And may I ask: which Jesus Christ were you talking about? The one I learned about did not condone slaughter, nor did he turn a blind eye to wholesale humiliation and murder.

If you are incapable of human decency, then fine. And if you are unable to stand up against a brutal and undemocratic regime such as Israel, then so be it. But do not expect us to do the same. Do not expect us to accept it either.

Mr. President, you are against freedom and democracy, and you are callous and mean-spirited. And you are, above all, an immoral person. No matter how hard you spin the truth, you will reveal yourself as such, and you will be opposed. 

Hayan Charara

* Hayan Charara is a poet and a faculty member of Henry Ford Community College (Dearborn Michigan)
(The letter was received from a friend)



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