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Saturday, 11 May 2002

About the Palestinian Sympathy

   Hello, my name is Gabriel and my grandparents were from Bint Jbeil.

I am very proud of my background. I'm concerned though, this site promotes so much sympathy towards the Palestinians, but did the Palestinians ever give a damn when they disrespected Lebanese sovereignty and forced Israeli's to occupy Bint Jbeil and make all the southern residents suffer?

Did you guys ever mention the terrorism they used to promote in Lebanon? It's a damn shame to see Lebanese people sympathetic to the Palestinians, but when we were struggling because of them they would turn there back, as well as the whole Arab world?

I think this website should reflect Bint Jbeil as it's name states, not Palestine. Teach visitors about the essence of our city, don't fill the site up with this Palestinian information.

Learn the true facts and look at the big picture, don't speak out of your brainwashed minds.



Reply from Bint Jbeil

Dear Gabriel (M Beydoun),

   We at Bint Jbeil website respect every opinion, especially of those who disagree with us. We must say, however, that ignorant, ill informed and brainwashed people, such as you, whose views are completely nourished and formed by anti-Arab media, are thankfully too marginalized and negligible to be considered of any importance to us, except as a reminder of the danger our immigrant people are facing when leaving their offspring to be lost to Zionist propaganda. For this, we must thank you indeed!

Just wondering what would your grandparents say, if they are still alive, if you tell them that those “peace loving” Israelis were “forced” to occupy Bint Jbeil and the South? That they were merely defending themselves? That it was the Palestinian “terrorism” that caused all this suffering to our people? That Ariel Sharon is really “a man of peace” and "Nobel Peace Prize Laureate" Shimon Perez was actually destroying the "terrorism infrastructure" when he ordered the bombing of the United Nations compound in Qana massacring 106 children, women and elderly, who took refuge there from the Israeli assaults on their villages and towns???

I’m sure if your grandparents hear you saying this, they would wish to be dead of shame!!!

Why don’t you tease your “intelligence” a bit and read what Israelis and Jews have been researching and writing about the Zionists interests in Lebanon, long before the establishment of their pariah state? Here are just a couple of sources you could learn from, if you have the capability to do so:

“Early Zionist Interest In Lebanon” - by Laura Zittrain Eisenberg
“The Real Israeli Interests in Lebanon” - by Israel Shahak

The real “damn shame” is to see a “remnant” of some Lebanese people feels sympathetic to the Israelis after all!

I could assure you Mr. Gabriel M Beydoun that your alleged pride of your background is worthless and that had you had the slightest idea about “the essence of our city,” you would change your last name tomorrow and, while at it, erase what’s left of your grandparents memories from your strayed mind too!

With No Respect,
Bint Jbeil



Reply from Mouhamad (Gabriel) Beydoun
(Sunday, 12 May 2002)

   It's quite obvious my letter disappointed you. I am the last person to be sympathetic towards Israelis especially considering they are the dirtiest people on this planet. 

Don’t interpret my words of criticism towards the Palestinians as sympathy towards Israelis. I know they have always had interests in Lebanon, and please forgive me if I offended you.

I just wish there would be more information on Bint Jbeil, and that not everything revolved around the Palestinian-Israeli situation.

I am in solidarity with the Palestinians, but the Palestinians who are in or were in Lebanon are from a different breed, just as the Lebanese collaborators with Israel. They disrespected our dignity and sovereignty, they made our people suffer so much as a result of their actions, and they committed so many crimes, as they still try to do today with their "cross-border" assault attempts.



Reply from Bint Jbeil

Dear Gabriel,

1. We have published on our site many articles (mostly in Arabic) that talk about the ill experience we have had with the PLO factions when they were in Lebanon. We are not shy of telling the truth about the shortcomings of the Palestinian experience here, especially that many people here still remember those ugly days of chaos and lawlessness when the South used to be called Fatahland.

2. The Palestinian people now is facing the greatest challenge ever. They are our brothers and sisters. We share the same history and geography. We speak the same language and most of us, on both sides, are Muslims. Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is as sacred for us as it is for them. The whole world is feeling the pain with them. Our pain is even deeper for we have suffered from the same enemy who inflicted on us the same horrors for 22 years and not because of the Palestinians, as they allege, but because they thought that we would surrender and give up our land. Had we had not so fiercely resisted the occupation, trust me, we would have Jewish settlers right now in the middle of Bint Jbeil and on its surrounding hills, the Litani river would have been diverted southward and the rest of our people might be living in the U.S., Australia, Canada or elsewhere!

3. Having been born and raised in a different country (U.S. or Australia), never been humiliated and degraded by the Israelis, never immediately suffered the loss of a loved one on the hands of the Zionists, and relying completely on western anti-Arab sources for news, your mind is set to see the Palestinians as the source of all evil, be it in Lebanon or beyond. Have you asked yourself though why the Palestinians are in Lebanon? Have you ever seen how the Palestinians are living in the refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and in Palestine itself? Any human being, including many Israelis (Read Gideon Levy’s articles) who opens his/her eyes and see the tragedy of this people could not turn a blind eye and not see the agonizing truth.

4. As for the site itself and the amount of coverage allocated to the Palestinian Intifada at this time, we think that every medium of communications around the world was totally focusing on what was going on in Palestine during the last few weeks. That naturally affected our coverage, but it certainly would not let us lose our focus from the issues that pertains to our beloved city and the South, the frontier of our soul!

Finally, we apologize if our reply to you was too harsh, knowing that your connection to Lebanon and to Bint Jbeil is so thin and should be judged accordingly. We hope that you try to learn more about the Arab-Israeli struggle from a wider selection of sources as to have a better understanding of the situation here. We also hope that you would one day consider visiting Lebanon, the South and Bint Jbeil and let this sacred land purify your soul once and for all!


Bint Jbeil



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