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Sunday, 29 September 2002

get out of my country

(The following message we received today, one of so many like it, shows the level of intelligence the American media, such as Fox channel, is feeding into with messages of hate and intolerance!) BJ


We will nuke Mecca. You started it. Now the only way 
to dispell the images of your foul religion destroying the
WTC is turn your your precious city into a smoking hole
in the ground. This will happen. God will send one of our
Christian bomber pilots or submarine captians against your
foul religion of hate. You wouldn't leave us alone even though
we made you rich with oil money when you didn't have the
intelligence to get it out of the ground. All you ever did is 
screw your camels and each other and make your women
go around in tents with a heater grill on the front. Afraid?
Good. Just one more mass attack on us and the majority'
of Americans will favor putting you all in camps where you
belong. This until your wotthless butts are sent to some
Muslim porgressive democracy. Oh yes there isn't one 
on the face of the earth. Oh well then you can all go live
in your own fetid countries. You can't fool us forever.
So buy a lot of good hiking shoes cause your hadj is going
to involve a lot of hiking around that nuked hole in the ground.

Long live the Crusaders



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