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London - UK

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Whilst We Celebrate

   Salaamun Alaikum

I am sure that here in London and in fact all over the world whilst watching the scenes and upon hearing the news of the capture of one of the most brutal dictators history has ever seen, Saddam at-Tikriti, a great overwhelming and indescribable sense of jubilation filled the hearts of many, in particular those of the Iraqi people.

Whilst his capture and subsequent humiliation has brought happiness to us, our families, our relatives, our loved ones, our friends and our fellow Iraqis, we must ask the question; at what cost has this come? What has been the price of this individuals degradation and defacement? 

The answer, my dear brothers and sisters, is the destruction of a whole nation, the destruction of a whole society, the destruction of a social, economic and political infrastructure, but moreover, the death of hundreds of thousands of people. 

Whilst we shed tears of happiness on this occasion, our tears of sadness for the death and martyrdom of those people who were killed under this brutal dictators evil, atrocious regime must precede. 

I ask all of you my dear, respected brothers and sisters in Islam, to remember those who died, be they your relatives or family, or not. I ask you my dear brothers and sisters to remember those martyrs who were killed by the agents of the regime, including those who died during and after the intifadhah (uprising) of Shaban in 1991. I ask you my dear brothers and sisters to remember the scholars and Islamic personalities and figures who died under and after this dictators regime, namely Sayyid Mohammed Baqir as-Sadr, Sayyid Mahdi al-Hakim, Sayyid Hussein Al-Hakim, Sayyid Abdul-Sahib Al-Hakim, Sayyid Kamal Al-Hakim, Sayyid Alaa'ideen Al-Hakim, Aal Bahr ul-Uloom, Sayyid Mohammed Sadiq as-Sadr, Sayyid Abdul Majeed al-Khoie and Sayyid Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, and all those whom I have forgot to mention. 

I ask you my dear brothers and sisters, to recite surah al-Fatiha on the souls of those who died under the regime of this dictator, and those who died after the collapse of his reign. May Allahs (SWT) mercy be upon their souls. 

Many had to die for this day to come to reality. Many had to pay the price with their own blood. I ask you my dear brothers and sisters to reflect upon those things for which we take granted, namely our freedom and our lives.

We must not forget that the capture of this dictator will not achieve a fraction of justice for those who were killed, their families and friends. Only Allah (SWT) can enforce justice.

Having said all the above, let us look to the future with hope and optimism, at least if not for the current generations - as the process of the regeneration of a whole country is not something which will happen overnight - then for the future generations to come. 


Your brother in Islam, Yasser Madani

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