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Saturday, May 8, 2004


   I SAW a girl wearing two silver wristband bracelets yesterday. Each was engraved with the name of an Israeli who had been killed by a terrorist. This at once made me uneasy but I kept this feeling to myself, as I know the difficulty and controversy of the subject.

I think many people, especially Jews, feel a special connection to the suffering of the Israeli people. Not many, however, understand the true condition of the Palestinians.

Many of these terrorists are individuals who have grown up in the equivalent of a concentration camp, terrorized by the Israeli military. And, in a desperate attempt to show the world their pain, commit acts of violence.

To call this terrorism is unfair, it is the unfortunate bloody consequence of humans being pushed too far. These people are so disempowered and brokenhearted that the only means they have for expressing this loss of spirit is through the death of themselves and others.

I am not condoning this behavior, I would never advocate violence against another human being, but I am providing an alternative prospective. The solution to this terrorism and all terrorism in general is not to increase military force against people already violated and abused. The real solution, one much harder to swallow, is to help these people rebuild the soul we’ve taken from them. 

Fighting fire with fire, or more appropriately, fighting terror with terror only begets more terror.



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