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Sunday, May 30, 2004

BJCC 8th Annual Scholarship Award

   On Thursday, May 27th, 2004, Bint Jebail Cultural center hosted its 8th annual scholarship award dinner for more than 50 high school and college students. This among other similar events is extremely important in recognizing and encouraging young Arab men and women to realize the importance of education.

Unfortunately, the organization of this event in my opinion was a total disaster. The following are highlights of what occurred:

1. Normally, the master of ceremonies is an individual with high standards, credentials, and well recognized in the community. Regrettably, the individual who presented was not the appropriate person for that position. That individual should at least be very diverse and literal in speaking the English language (which he chose to speak). In 2003, Mr. Turfe was the master of ceremonies and I thought he did an outstanding job.

2. The program was not timed which led many to leave early before the distribution of the awards. Furthermore, I donít think the speakers were given a time slot to present. Rather, each speaker took as much time as they wanted. So, most of the audience lost interest in every speech that was given.

3. A big number of the audience did not speak English. The majority of them were there for different purposes (other than recognizing the recipients). It was extremely evident that those individuals were no where to be seen after dinner was served. With my deepest appreciation and respect to everyone that attended, I believe for such an event, the audience should be selected individuals, well known community leaders, families, and/or friends of the recipients and other young kids to recognize the importance of education and to motivate them.

Again, I can not stress this point more, but I am extremely grateful and respect all members of the Bint Jebail Cultural center. They all have done a superb job in their lives to achieve the success they enjoy with pride.

However, I can not help to notice who from the education committee even holds a college degree? How many individuals from the members hold a degree of some sort (maybe one or two that I recognize)? Why donít we appoint individuals with the appropriate credentials to hold such positions and have them recognize those individuals that are contributing to the organizations?

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