Lebanon spy case revealed

Thursday, 10 May 2001
The Jerusalem Post

HAIFA - The Israel Police and the General Security Service have arrested two former Lebanese citizens living in Israel and an Israeli Arab on suspicion of holding contacts with hostile elements in Lebanon. 

A publicity ban that had been imposed on the case by the Acre Magistrate's Court was partially lifted yesterday, enabling some details to emerge. 

The three are suspected of harming the security of the state and of passing on information to their contacts in Lebanon. 

According to reports, the two former Lebanese citizens were members of the now disbanded South Lebanese Army (SLA), who sought a safe haven in Israel along with thousands of other residents of the security zone when the IDF withdrew from the region last May. 

Security sources noted that the allegations against the two should not cast any aspersions on the hundreds of other former SLA members who fought alongside the IDF, and their families, who left everything behind when they fled to Israel. 

The three were apparently arrested in mid-April by the GSS and police from the Galilee District's Serious Crimes Unit. They are expected to be indicted toward the end of the week. 


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