US journalist apologizes to Muslims

"I did not mean an actual strike on Mecca"!

Arab News
18 March 2002

By Abdul Kareem Al-Faleh

SAN DIEGO, 18 March — American journalist Rich Lowry, who had written an article in the National Review calling for nuclear strikes on Makkah and a number of other Middle Eastern cities, has apologized to all Muslims for the provocative statement.

“By that call I did not mean an actual strike on
Mecca. The article was only a literary fantasy and should not be considered more than that,” said Lowry, who is the magazine’s editor.

He also offered to announce his apology publicly and called the article an unintentional mistake.

Lowry’s article had triggered worldwide protests by Muslims, especially in the US. Nihad Awad of the Council of American Islamic Relations said such remarks could never be justified or excused.


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