97. How can I find Arab Americans in my community?
In cities where there are large populations, this is easy. You can find restaurants, stores, markets and other businesses with Arabic names or writing on them. Look for organizations, community centers, churches and mosques that might be Arab-related. Use these as beginning points, and don't keep going back to the same people, or focus only on recent immigrants. To find Arab Americans in places where they are less prevalent, try some of the organizations in Resources.

98. Are there issues about the way Arab Americans are portrayed in the media?
Yes. In some cases, journalists seem to prefer to publish or air images of people who look different, or exotic. In trying for a more interesting image, they may emphasize the difference between Arab Americans and non-Arab Americans. Most Arab Americans do not wear traditional clothing. News organizations whose collective reports give the impression that Arab Americans generally dress differently than non-Arab Americans are being inaccurate.

99. Is there a coverage pitfall that reporters should avoid?
Like many groups, Arab Americans say that reporters stay away unless there is a problem to report, or if there is a national or international crisis for which they want reaction. This keeps people out of sight except when they are associated with trouble. The solution is to cover Arab Americans consistently and continuously. By paying attention to what communities say are significant news issues, reporters offer deeper and fuller coverage.

100. How can I learn more?
We're glad you asked. This resource guide is just an introduction. Any one of the 100 questions in it has answers that would fill a book. We have listed some resources for further study in the following pages. We also encourage you to get out and talk to people, and to invite them to visit your newsroom.


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