"Islam Sucks." Wayne State University's Newspaper Wrote!


February 27, 2002 [Dearborn, Michigan] - An article was published today in Wayne State University's newspaper, The South End, titled "Islam Sucks."

This article, written by Joe Fisher, is full of stereotypes, hatred and complete ignorance.

The author describes the religion of Islam as a religion that "presents a danger to the welfare of many due to its influence in Middle Eastern and North African governments. Islam subjugates hundreds of millions of women, sexual minorities and other religions where it's the law of the land." He also goes on to make false accusations about the religion, indicating that in Islam, "reading the holy books of other religions is a serious sin."

It is absolutely appalling that such ignorance, accompanied by numerous inaccuracies would find its place in a newspaper distributed by a highly respected academic institution. Such hatred and irresponsible journalism, which lacks credibility, should not be granted the courtesy of being heard through a university of Wayne State's caliber.

A difference exists between educated, healthy debate and spewed hatred. Different views help us to better understand each other and further appreciate our diversity. Blatant hatred, however, does nothing but fuel anger and serve to divide.

"There is a fine line between hatred and freedom of expression," states Imad Hamad, ADC Midwest Regional Director. "Freedom of expression is a right, granted to us by our forefathers to help us better understand our differences. It should not be used to justify the spreading of hatred. We are confidant that a well respected institution, such as Wayne State, will tend to this situation amicably and effectively."


ADC encourages you to write to, or call the editor of The South End and request a public apology. Please send them an informed and educated message, explaining the ramifications of this publication:

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