ADC Community Update:

Contact: Rana Abbas at (313) 581-1201

May 6, 2002 [Dearborn, Michigan] - The Detroit News has once again proved to its readers, in the editorial section of the Sunday, May 5, 2002 edition, that when it comes to expressing anti-Arab sentiments, it harbors no hesitation.

The comic on page 17A openly feeds into the negative stereotype of Arab/Muslim terrorism, displaying an overwhelming image of Crowned Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with one arm around President Bush and another filled with a stack of money, being extended to a photographer.  The caption coming from Prince Abdullah's mouth states, "Can't you see I'm busy lecturing the U.S. on MidEast violence?  Here, go blow up someone!"

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the Detroit News has printed such bias editorials/commentaries, intentionally directed at Arabs and Muslims.  While the Detroit News has many objective reporters who present balanced views, these bias commentaries serve to overshadow their good work.  Despite many ongoing efforts, by numerous community organizations, to communicate with the Detroit News and its editorial board, the bigotry campaign has continued.  The failure to acknowledge these serious concerns is evident through Detroit News editorial writer Nolan Finley, whose articles spew hatred and anti-Arab sentiment. 

While ADC and the Arab American community it serves support "freedom of the press" and the expression of different opinions, it strongly opposes the Detroit News' method of expression, which serves to reinforce negative, stereotypes and biases.  Such biases are indicative of irresponsible journalism, which has the potential to put the well being of certain groups in jeopardy, thus doing only harm and absolutely no good.

ADC encourages and urges all fair and open-minded people to take action and voice their dismay.  Please contact the Publisher of the Detroit News, Mr. Mark Silverman at 313-222-2247 and request an immediate end to this ongoing bigotry and hate campaign.



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