ADC Community Update:
ADC And The Arab American Community Forum (AACF) Welcome Mayor Kilpatrick’s Decision To Not Send Chief Of Police To Israel

Contact: Rana Abbas at (313) 581-1201

May 10, 2002 [Dearborn, Michigan] - The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the Arab American Community Forum (AACF) are pleased to announce that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has rescinded his decision to send Detroit Chief of Police Jerry Oliver to participate in terrorism training in Israel. Initially the trip was scheduled to take place in June, but had been postponed until November of this year.

Ms. Christine Beatte, Mayor Kilpatrick's Chief of Staff and the current Acting Mayor of Detroit, contacted Mr. Imad Hamad, the ADC Midwest Regional Director and current Coordinator of the AACF to inform him of the Mayor's decision late in the evening yesterday. This news came while Mayor Kilpatrick is currently visiting the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with a business delegation from Detroit. Beatte also assured Mr. Hamad that a meeting would take place between the Mayor and members of the ADC and the AACF, as requested, in the near future. 

Early last month, Mayor Kilpatrick had announced his plans to send the Detroit Chief of Police, along with 25 other police officers from across the United States to Israel to participate in special terrorism training. Since this announcement ADC and the AACF have actively attempted to communicate with the Mayor and urge him to cancel this trip. While the Arab American Community remains supportive of providing law enforcement agencies with the proper skills and tools to protect their citizens, the concern of the community stemmed from the fact that the training would take place in the State of Israel, while the Israeli government continues its illegal occupation of the Palestinian people and their land. 

"ADC and the AACF, welcome the Mayor's decision," states Mr. Hamad. "We are very appreciative to him for recognizing the community's concerns and addressing this matter fairly." 



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