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October 17, 2001 [Dearborn, Michigan] – Assistant Attorney General Ralph Boyd from the Unites States Department of Justice, along with other government agents, will be addressing the community at a town hall meeting hosted by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the Arab American community on Thursday, November 1, 2001 at 7:00PM.

 The town hall meeting will take place at the Dearborn Civic Center’s Dome Room (15801 Michigan Avenue- the Dome Room).  Speakers will be contributing to an open discussion that will address the impact of the September 11 Tragedy on citizens, particularly Arab and Muslim Americans.  The forum will provide an opportunity for the public to hear different perspectives on certain issues and relay questions and concerns to the speakers.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend and contribute to the discussion. 

The following is a list of guests who will address the gathering:

 Mr. Ralph Boyd – Assistant Attorney General

United States Department of Justice 

Mr. John Bell, Jr. – Special Agent in Charge – FBI, Michigan 

Mr. Gary Felder – U.S. Attorney’s Office

 Ms. Kary Moss – ACLU Executive Director, Michigan

Moderator: Dr. Ziad Asali – ADC National President

Since September 11, ADC has been working diligently with the Arab and Muslim American communities, various media outlets and government agencies to address and handle issues that affect the community.  This tragedy has sparked many concerns and debates about how we must deal with this crisis as a nation.  The question of sacrificing civil liberties has been at the heart of these debates.  This is why it is necessary to hold community meetings and have the community be active participants of a direct dialogue with government agents.

“This forum is consistent with our ongoing efforts to keep the line of communication open between Arab and Muslim Americans and our government,” states Imad Hamad, ADC Regional Director. “As a civil rights organization, ADC will continue to work hand-in-hand with government agencies and the community, so that we do not lose sight of the principles, which govern our nation.”