Contact: Rana Abbas: 313-581-1201

February 20, 2002 [Dearborn, Michigan] - The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has recently learned that a number of Arab Americans have received an order of action from the Michigan Department of State Bureau of Driver and Vehicle Records, canceling their CDL (truck driving) License. 

The letter sent to these individuals gives no specific reason for the cancellation beyond the fact that their license has been "canceled effective (date) because it has been unlawfully or erroneously issued."

The basic information received by ADC, so far, indicates that the cancellation is due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • That a CDL License has been cancelled, because it was unlawfully issued.
  • That the individual must repeat the test in order to prove that they are entitled to the License.
  • That the Secretary of State is not convinced that this particular license holder passed the test legally.

ADC attempted to communicate with the Secretary of State's office on Friday, February 15, 2002 and inquired about the reasons behind the license cancellations. 

Unfortunately, ADC has not yet received any type of response from the Secretary of State, thus further complicating this matter. 

"This lack of response and cooperation opens the door to further speculation and does not help us to understand the facts surrounding this sensitive matter," states Imad Hamad, ADC Regional Director. "This might send out the wrong message." 

The perception in the minds of the many who received this letter is that they are being subject to a selective treatment and that their license has been revoked simply because of their national origin.

As a civil rights organization, ADC is in the process of assessing this situation. ADC calls on any person who has received a similar cancellation letter to IMMEDIATELY report it to our offices so that we can document these cases and obtain more accurate facts. We urge all community members who are affected by this process to fully cooperate with us, so that we can conduct a proper investigation and resolve this matter amicably.

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