As-salaamu alaykum. (peace be with you) CAIR wishes to assess the changes that American Muslims have experienced since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below and return it to - E-MAIL: or FAX 202-488-0833.

(All responses are confidential.) Please print out this form for distribution in your local Islamic center or organization. Also post it on Muslim e-mail lists and forward to personal e-mail addresses of friends and associates.

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SURVEY FOR MUSLIMS IN AMERICA. Your response will strengthen CAIR's ability to articulate the community's views. There is no other way to gather this information. PLEASE RESPOND BY AUGUST 9, 2002. May Allah bless you for your time and effort.

1) I am a Muslim: ___ Yes  ___ No

2) I am a U.S. resident. ___ Yes  ___ No

3) I live in the following state:

4) Since 9-11, my life as an American Muslim has:

___ changed for the better

___ changed for the worse

___ not changed

5) The most important way my life has changed is:


6) Since the attacks of 9-11, I have experienced anti-Muslim bias or discrimination: ___ Yes ___ No

7) That discrimination or bias took the form of:

___ verbal abuse

___ workplace discrimination

___ threats

___ assaults

___ housing discrimination

___ profiling (being singled out by law enforcement authorities or other security personnel because of your religion, ethnicity or national origin)

___ Other: (specify) __________________________

8) I know at least one American Muslim who has experienced anti-Muslim bias or discrimination since 9-11: Yes____  No_____

9) Since 9-11, I have experienced kindness or support from friends or colleagues of other faiths:

Yes___  No___

10) That kindness or support was expressed in the following way:


11) On a scale from 1-10, (1 being poor and 10 being excellent) I would rate the Bush administration's interaction with the American Muslim community as: __


12) I base this rating primarily on:


13) Since the 9-11 attacks, I believe the U.S. media have:

___ improved in their coverage of Islam and Muslims

___ grown more biased against Islam and Muslims

___ remained the same in their coverage of Islam and Muslims

___ no opinion

14) A media outlet worthy of praise for its coverage is:

15) A media outlet that exhibited some of the most biased coverage is:

16) I am a member of CAIR? ___ Yes  ___ No

17) On a scale from 1-10, where 1 is poor performance and 10 excellent performance, I would rate CAIR's performance during this crisis as:  ______

18) The thing I liked most about CAIR's work was:


19) The area of CAIR's work that needs improvement is:


20) I am eligible to vote in U.S. elections: ___ Yes  ___ No

21) I am registered to vote or will register before the next election. ___ Yes  ___ No

22) I voted for the following presidential candidate in the last election:

___ Bush  ___ Gore  ___ Nader  ___ Buchanan  ___ Other (specify) _______________

23) Overall, I believe the following party best represents the interests of the American Muslim community.

___ Republican ___ Democratic ___ None

___ Other (specify) _______________________________

24) My ethnic heritage is:

___ African-American

___ Arabic speaking world

___ South Asian (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.)

___ East Asian (Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.)

___ Sub Saharan/East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, etc.)

___ West African (non-Arabic, Nigeria, etc.)

___ Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, etc.)

___ European-American (white, non-immigrant)

___ European Immigrant (Bosnian, Kosovar, etc.)

___ Hispanic/Latino

___ Turkish

___ Iranian

___ Other (Specify country) _________________

25) I am: ___ Male ___ Female

26) I am in the following age range:

___ Under 18 ___ 18-25 ___ 26-35 ___ 36-55 ___ 56+




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